Burn Off

Most coatings can be removed in our purpose-built temperature controlled pyrolysis oven, which is 3.9m long x 1.7m wide. We can offer special rates for line hooks & jig batches.

burn off pyrolysis oven

Metal bench before and after burn off..


Our purpose-built temperature controlled pyrolysis oven.

RFI Screening was established in 1982. We have 5 blast rooms all with different grits and medias as well as 5 cabinets to cover most blasting processes, also mobile equipment for both blasting and metal spray.

We specialise in applying surface treatments to a vast range of substrates both ferrous and non-ferrous. Our processes include:Shot Blasting, Gritblasting, Vapour Blasting, Vaqua Blasting, Glass Bead Blasting, Burn Off, Oak Beam Blasting, Soda Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting, Sandblasting, Walnut Shell Blasting, Car Body Blasting, Blast Cleaning, Vapour Honing, Paint Stripping, Jig Stripping, Burnoff Stripping, Removing Paint from metal, Coating Removal, RFI Shielding, Vehicle Restoration, Gate Restoration, Sculpture Restoration, ARC Flame Spraying, Re-inforced PTFE Coatings, Corrosion Resistant Finishes, Peen Finishing, and Thermal Spray Coatings with a choice of Zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Brass

Avro Aerospace (site approval)     G.E. Power Systems     Ratcliff Palfinger

Blasting     Swedish Standard SA2.5 and SA3     Zinc Spray Standard     BS 2569     BS EN22063