Shot Blasting, Vapour Blasting and Grit Blasting

RFI Screening was established in 1982. We have 5 blast rooms all with different grits and medias, as well as 5 cabinets to cover most blasting processes, also mobile equipment for both blasting and metal spray.

We specialise in applying surface treatments to a vast range of substrates both ferrous and non-ferrous. Our many processes include shot blasting, grit blasting and vapour blasting.

Shot blasting

This method is used to strengthen, clean or polish metal objects and can be used in almost every industry that uses metal, including automotive, construction, aerospace, foundry, rail and shipbuilding.

Vapour Blasting

This process uses water, along with an abrasive medium, which is then blasted at the chosen component. This process can be used on magnesium, titanium, bonze, aluminium, brass, and copper. Vapour blasting is not suitable for steel components, as they will rust.

Grit Blasting

This surface treatment process is widely used in a variety of different industries, with many diverse purposes. This process uses an abrasive media which is then accelerated through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air. The abrasive used during the blasting process can vary, depending on the surface treatment required.

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